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FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2018 in Tryon, USA

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ger -> LINK gbr Resignation of the Hungarian Chef d’Equipe of pairs and teams...Yesterday Tamás Tóth resigned from his position of Chef d'Equipe of the successful Hungarian pair and four-in-hand drivers. The athletes won many medals at Championships with his leadership in the past years.

The last achievement of Mr. Tóth and Team Hungary (Martin Hölle, Vilmos Lázár and the eliminated Zoltán Lázár) was historical last week in Lipica at the FEI World Driving Championships for Pairs because no other team had been able to win gold medal in team classification with only 2 members before. Moreover, Martin Hölle is the youngest individual world champion in this category. And it is also a record that after 3 consecutive World Championships for Pairs the same country - Hungary - can take gold medal home in the individual and also the team competition.

He writes in his resignation letter that he does not understand some judgements made in the past years by the officials. Some judges do not have any control, they can do anything without feeling the responsibility. FEI has not made any retortions towards some officials yet. This subjectivity in dressage judging can not be seen in any another sport discipline. He does not agree with the FEI regulations in many articles. His final decision was made after the elimination of Zoltán Lázár in Lipica which was the last issue. He feels he can no longer represent the interests of the Hungarian drivers who compete under the current FEI rules in these circumstances. He believes that there will not be any changes in the near future which made him decide to step down from his function with immediate effect.



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