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FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2018 in Tryon, USA

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result FINALRESULT ABC  all RESULTS  foto PHOTOGALLERIES by Gerben Olthof - Driving Images Meet & Greet the High-class Drivingsport...From the 3rd untill the 6th of August the world’s best drivers are competing on Riant Equestrian Centre in Beekbergen. For the pair drivers it is the last possibility to get a qualification for the FEI World Championships in Lipica in september.














New record in number of competitors CAI Beekbergen! CAI Beekbergen is almost to begin. From the 3rd untill the 6th of August the world’s best drivers are competing on Riant Equestrian Centre in Beekbergen. For the pair drivers it is the last possibility to get a qualification for the FEI World Championships in Lipica in september.

Seventy pair drivers have signed up. One of the favorites is Martin Hölle, a pupil of organizer Mieke van Tergouw. He is from Hungary and started his driving career with the pony’s and became world champion of the single drivers in 2013. He is now driving a pair of horses and gets intensive support of the Riant team.  

All Dutch pair drivers are competing in Beekbergen. The new Dutch champion Anthonie ter Harmsel is on the starting list, as well as former world champion Harrie Verstappen. For the Dutch coach Harry de Ruyter CAI Beekbergen is an important moment to observe the Dutch drivers with the upcoming world championhips.

FEI World Cup™ Qualifier

Next to the pairs, there are also 23 four in hand drivers on the list of competitors. A part of the world’s topdrivers are competing as it is the last international measurement before the European championships. And, maybe more important: Beekbergen is a world cup qualifier. World champion Boyd Exell is competing, as well as the American driver Chester Weber and Germany’s Christoph Sandmann. Dutch supporters are coming to see the young talent Bram Chardon, who won the silver medal on the Dutch championships in april behind Koos de Ronde. Chardon jr. is one of the favorites in the marathon on Saturday.  


The very experienced Gabor Fintha from Hungary is the FEI Course Designer. He built several FEI World Championships and is also responsable for the course on the upcoming World Championship for pairs in Lipica.  


Side programm

Beekbergen also offers a Para Equestrian driving competition, shows with harness horses, free ponyriding for the children, a shopping village, charity events and every night a party with a different theme and live music. It’s an event for everyone who loves driving sport. 

Whether the World Championships for Pairs or the European Championships for Four in Hands, the optimal shape check 2017 is the CAI Beekbergen in the Netherlands - August 3 to 6 – red marked in the calendars of the Driving sport fans all over the world.

We are looking forward to a great report - with  fascinating photos by Gerben Olthof - Driving Images on hippoevent.at!



May 2017

 fei SCHEDULE is online... see you @Beekbergen - August 3 - 6, 2017!  gbr-> LINK  ger Beekbergen 2017... Meet & Greet the Highclass Drivingsport! Lust auf einen Podiumsplatz bei den FEI Championaten im Fahren 2017!

Beekbergen 2017, das internationale Fahrsportturnier des RIANT Equestrian Centre, ist als CAI 3*** für Zwei- und Vierspänner mit FEI World CupTM Qualifikation; sowie mit einem weiteren 2** Bewerb für Vierspänner, ausgeschrieben.






Erstmals für den Parcoursbau in Beekbergen verantwortlich ist der FEI Championats Course Designer Gábor Fintha aus Ungarn, und damit ist eine bestmögliche Vorbereitung der Gespanne für Championate, im Marathon und dem Hindernisfahren,  garantiert.




Die internationale Richtergruppe wurde, vom OC-Team rund um Mieke van Tergouw, optimiert auf die internationalen Meisterschaften ausgewählt, und die Dressurergebnisse aus Beekbergen 2017 werden sehr wertvoll für die finalen Vorbereitungen auf die Saisonhöhepunkte sein.



Die Sieger und Platzierten werden sich beim Turnier des RIANT Equestrian Centre die Favoritenrollen für WM und EM 2017 sichern.

Beekbergen ist bekannt als Highclass Turnier - dass neben hochqualitativen Fahrsport auch im attraktiven Rahmenprogramm „highclass“ mit viel Gastfreundschaft und super Partystimmung bietet.

Herzlich Willkommen beim CAI in Beekbergen 2017… Meet & Greet the Highclass Drivingsport!


Alle Informationen vom und aus Beekbergen 2017 auf Hippoevent!


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