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gbr On behalf of the big family of horse lovers, we would like to greet Jozsef Dobrovitz senior. He celebrated his 75th birthday.

His name and work is widely known among competitors, officials and driving sport fans.

His whole life has been focused on horses. In his childhood he transported goods to the market by a carriage. He fell in love with horses at a very young age and this feeling has been continued until today. 20 years ago he started to organize driving competitions, too. Nowadays, Aachen, Breda and also Vecsés are in the most important showgrounds in the calendar. He was happy to see the career of his son, Jozsef Dobrovitz gain World and European Championship titles. He is also very proud of his grandsons - Joci, Márk and Kristóf - who are involved in driving successfully.

We wish him to live a long life among his loved ones, drivers and fans!

Be healthy and powerful!

Happy 75th birthday for the daddy of the family and uncle Joe of the drivers!


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