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gbr Combined Driver Chester Weber Can Bring Commitment, Experience at Every Level of the Sport and a Global Perspective. When it comes to an effective representative athlete voice to the FEI Driving Technical Committee, there is no more experienced, decorated, and well-rounded candidate than Chester Weber. A 2-time Individual Silver and Team Bronze Medalist, 11-time National champion, mentor, United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Board Member and Chair of the USEF Athletes Committee, national senior ‘R’ judge, Live Oak International CAI/CSI-W 2* organizer, former Canadian Singles team coach, and current U.S. Single and Pair chef d'equipe: Chester Weber’s experience makes him a an ideal representative for the FEI Athlete’s Committee/Driving Technical Committee.

Weber is a world class competitor on the international stage in the FEI Four-in-Hand division. In addition, Chester Weber has also competed singles and pairs, so he has a hands-on understanding of the needs and concerns of all the drivers and competitors in the sport. He has all the assets necessary to champion the best interests of the international driving community when voting opens to FEI drivers, Tuesday, April 15, at www.fei.org.

Fresh off a major win at the Royal Windsor Horse Show where he was personally congratuated by the queen, Weber’s legacy of excellence in the show ring and dedication to supporting the industry continues to grow as he competes in Europe this summer. He has twice served as chef d'equipe for the U.S. Pony team, coached the Canadian Singles team, is chef d'equipe for the current U.S. Pair and upcoming U.S. Single teams, and organizes the annual Live Oak International CAI/CSI-W 2* which has a great impact on furthering the sport of Combined Driving in the United States. An Equestrian of Honor and candidate for the USEF Pegasus Awards Equestrian of the Year title, Weber's was awarded the 2013 Becky Grand Hart Trophy by the USEF in recognition of his dedication outside the arena to community service and improving the equestrian industry. That commitment has included his launching an annual apprenticeship program that takes a rising young star in combined driving and gives them the coaching, training and competitive experience necessary to become an international athlete. Chester Weber is not only a consumate horseman, he also possesses a practical knowledge of the business behind the sport from promotion to successfully attaracting and retaining sponsors.

Weber splits his time between his home in Ocala, Florida in the United States and Europe where he competes for 5 to 6 months each year, so along with his full understanding of single, pairs, and four-in-hand driving, he also has a global propsective on the sport.

A vote for Chester Weber on the FEI Athletes Committee is a vote for Combined Driving. Cast your vote starting April 15 at www.fei.org.




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