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ger -> LINK   gbr James & Olivia Exell...little Heroes from Valkenswaard 2017! The CAI Valkenswaard in the Netherlands, the international Drivingsport competition on the great venue of Preetha and Boyd Exell, was a great festival for the driving sport. Driving Valkenswaard International (DVI), the Pairs and Four in Hand event had great winners ... Boyd Exell, in the Four in Hand class, and Lars Schwitte, Pairs, were the winners and the sporting heroes of Valkenswaard 2017.

But there were also somewhat smaller heroes ... and that is only related to the body size ... with remarkably activities at the Drivingsport festival in the Netherlands.

James & Olivia Exell - the two children of the hosts Preetha and Boyd Exell - have used the opportunity of many visitors on these days to start, in their own initiative, a very special action. On a sale, the two "world champion sprouts" offered self-made lemonade for sale - the entire proceeds were donated for UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund.

The whole Exell family would like to thank everyone who attended the sale and tasted the delicious lemon lemonade, and helped to support the great project of James and Olivia.

We find this great action just great!

Thanks to Amy Mundell Equestrian Photography for providing these delightful photos - many great photos from CAI Valkenswaard more-> www.facebook.com/amundell.photos/




James & Olivia Exell...this was a great project!


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