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Analysis of the Online survey Initiative Drivingsport 2.0 - 713 have participated! The super interesting results and analyzes of this online survey have been prepared by statistics experts, and clearly show the trends and issues in international Drivingsport.

As part of the International Equestrian Congress - "Horse in Sport 2018", on Sunday, March 4, 2018, the Futur Talk, the findings will be presented, analyzed and discussed. We would like to cordially invite all driving enthusiasts to join us. -> LINK

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...more at "Horse inSport 2018" 


February 2018

The online survey is over. We thank you very much for your participation! 


January 2018onlinesurvey button

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gbr  The beautiful driving season of 2017 is behind us.  We are looking back on these intensive months with so many competitions.  We were able to report about great successes and big winners, and with beautiful photos, we could follow those exciting competitions.

The "green" driving season is over, and the Drivingsport has moved into the indoor arenas.  With many fast and thrilling indoor competitions, both, national and international, in the diary during the winter months.  Drivingsport continues driving…

We would like to use the next months and invite you – to join with us - to think about Drivingsport.  Think about the current situation of the sport, both, positive and negative developments, as well as the objectives and goals.

With the  initiative “Drivingsport 2.0" we would like to do it together with you, because of our common passion - Driving – with magnificent Horses and Ponies.


Drivingsport 2.0

The suffix 2.0 is attached to a word to show that there is an improved version.  Is it necessary? Is it possible to improve? Adapt and modernize Drivingsport?

We think so. The sport has changed since it was founded on an international level in the 1970s. The sport has evolved - but where is it heading?


Drivingsport 2.0 - what will our sport look like in 10 years?

We would like to find answers to this most interesting question with you.  We are interested in your ideas and suggestions.  For these reasons the Drivingsport 2.0 initiative was launched and we cordially invite you to actively participate.


Drivingsport 2.0 – is a broad initiative, we are looking to bring together the ideas and suggestions that can positively influence our sport.

Let's look at Drivingsport - each of us, in our individual role in the sport be it - active Athlete, Trainer, Official or as a Drivingsport Fan.  We all belong to a passionate worldwide community, whose common interest is the positive and successful development of the sport.  We can all contribute to make Drivingsport "Fit for the Future". The opinion and the experiences of each and every individual are interesting and very welcomed...


What is the current situation in Drivingsport actually?

Drivingsport is great - a great Equestrian sport.  Of course, there are problems, negative developments and unsatisfactory situations.

It is important to recognise these negative aspects. However, it is not enough to get upset about events, to argue at the competitions, or to commit comments on social media, and probably the worst option is, to keep silent about the negative.

We have to talk about it - discuss it constructively, and seize the opportunity to use these negative aspects for improvements, and to develop opportunities from them.


What are the causes of the problems - what do you think?

Are the rules of the international FEI Drivingsport understandable?

Do they guarantee equitable and fair decisions for all athletes, everytime, everywhere?

In the dressage ... are the assessments of the dressage test always carried out objectively and the individual scores, results positive in terms of training?

Do the active Drivers have the opportunity - to shape their sport?

Is our sport attractive enough for the public, sponsors and the media?

Is the format of Drivingsport competition still up-to-date and current?

Is the Drivingsport still affordable - for the Athletes and the dedicated organising teams of competitions?

The Initiative Driving 2.0 can cover a very wide range of topics.


Drivingsport 2.0 – the next steps…

A questionnaire has been prepared by statistics experts, to address the key issues.

onlinesurvey button

All those interested in driving are cordially invited to submit their opinions and suggestions via the online survey, and to take action, to give positive impulses for a successful future.

At February 4th, 2018, the results of this online survey will be collated and at the International Equestrian Congress - "Horse in Sport 2018" -  the findings will be presented, analysed and discussed, on Sunday, 4 March 2018, at a Future Talk.

We are inviting all those who are interested in driving, to be present.

All information about the Equestrian Congress - "Horse in Sport 2018" can be found at -> LINK





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