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Zu Verkauf steht unsere junge Reitponystute Calista PP nach Conny/Nurejew. Sie ist eine tolle Jungstute mit Sonderanstrich. Ihr Vater ist Steendieks Perfect Mind, der ihr ihre Lern- und Leistungsbereitschaft und den einwandfreien Charakter mitgegeben hat.
Sie war Siegerfohlen beim Fohlenchampionat 2016 in Stadl Paura. Belegte beim Freispringchampionat 2018 in Stadl Paura Platz 2.
Bei weiterer Ausbildung wird diese Stute mit Sicherheit ein tolles Kinderpony oder ein super Sportpartner
für alle Sparten. Auch für die Zucht ist sie bestens geeignet.

Weiter Infos gerne bei ernsthaftem Interesse. Preis VB 7.000,00
Tel.Nr. +436645002930
E-Mail: puerstinger.erich@gmail.com

Market 20181007

Team Chester Weber is seeking a reliable, enthusiastic person, who loves to work with horses. This unique opportunity represents a full time position for someone looking to develop their skills and exposure to horse care on the top FEI level. Job duties include – stable grooming along with training assistance at some of the worlds largest international events. The primary workplace will be headquartered in Sunny Ocala, Florida, USA, and during the summer months the team will compete at the major CAI and CAIO competitions in Europe based out of RIANT in Beekbergen, NED.

Team Weber’s primary goal for the 2019 season is qualifying for the European Indoor World Cup season and the USA national championship.
S/he has to be a hardworking, flexible individual with a passion for horses and Drivingsport, and must be able to work in a team and share the passion of horses with all team members.
S/he will be able to work in a highly professional environment and gain a lot of experience,
- performance oriented salary
Please send your full application to Mr. Chester Weber: chester@chesterweber.com

A pair of young KWPN Horses
A future of a pair of beautifully painted KWPN.
Gelding - born 2014 walking in pair and singles, very polite, not afraid of traffic. Horses easy to use.
Mare - Katella born 2015 matches Kazar perfectly in terms of movement and color, she is not a harness yet, but she has a very friendly disposition.
Father of both horses -Delviro HBC.
Contact:  stajnia.ws@wp.pl

Market 20181006

A pair of beautiful, calm Andalusian horses. Stallion and gelding at the age of 11 years. Horses under the guarantee of health and safe use. Ideal pair for weddings and for small sport. They have experience in indoor competitions and Traditional driving competitions.
mobile: +48 600336762

Market 20181005

Andalusia stallion Ofendido is a unique horse. Born in 2007. He has been with us since 8 years. He is characterized by a typical Spanish gait and calm disposition. He is a horse walking in the saddle and in carriage. A great horse for a person who is looking for a comfortable, friendly and healthy horse to ride. Very easy to drive, easy to use. 100% healthy.

Market 20181003

A pair of Kladruby horses - geldings. 12 and 13 years, they work in a harness and under the saddle, very easy to drive. Possible transport. 
Kontakt Bartosz Niezgoda +48 509 39 97 97 

Market 20181004


3,5 t Hänger für 2 Pferde oder 3 Ponys + 2 Kutschen
Der Hänger hat neue Bereifung, Bremsen, Radlager und hat auch eine Antischlingerkupplung

Hannes Weitlaner
Privat +39 339 271 1830
Olang / Südtirol


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