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result All RESULTS  foto PHOTOS DAY 4DAY 3Day 2Day 1 by Leena Niemistö  course CONES by Kurt Seidl AUT Sipoo is ready for the Nordic Championships in combined driving -> LINK  competitors preliminary competitors time preliminary timetable  CAI2* Nordic Baltic Championships 2017 will be held at Savijärvi Manor, Sipoo, Finland, July 20.-23. The Championship is an international, 2** Driving competition. The competition is organized by Riding Club Husaariratsastajat ry.



lilaAusschreibung / Schedule


hellblauvorläufige Teilnehmerliste / Preliminary Competitors

 preliminary competitors 

gruenvorläufige Zeitplan / Preliminary Timetable

 preliminary timetable

dunkelblauStartlisten/ Starting Orders

 START A Dressage Day 1

braunPläne / Plans

Marathon by Kurt Seidl AUT

dunkelgruenBericht / Report


orangeFotos / Photos

PHOTOGALLERY Day 1 by Leena Niemistö

PHOTOGALLERY Day 2 by Leena Niemistö

PHOTOGALLERY Day 3 by Leena Niemistö