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result FINALRESULT ABC   RESULT C Cones  foto PHOTOGALLERY by driving.pl   PHOTOS  course CONES by Gábor Fintha HUN  Welcome @ CAI 3*** Ptakowice POL, 24th to 27th August 2017, at the Lando Equestrian Center in Ptakowice


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 Marathon by Gábor Fintha HUN

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 Horseinspection... All Horses are fit to compete!

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LINK ->  PHOTOGALLERY by driving.pl


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he OC is very pleased to inform the international Drivingsport community about some special prizes at the great international competition… “The Arden company, Harness for Horses - is one of the sponsors of the CAI 3*** International Drivingsport competition, which will take place from 24th to 27th August 2017, at the Lando Equestrian Center in Ptakowice, has prepared the special prizes in kind for the competitors of the CAI 3***.

For the first place in CAI 3*** Single class, the winner will get a Biothane LUX Single Harness and for the first place in CAI 3*** Pairs category a Biothane LUX Pairs Harness.

The Arden company has also founded a cash-prize for the CAI 3*** Four in Hand Winner in the amount of 1.000 EUR."

We are looking forward to welcome you @ CAI 3*** Ptakowice POL, 24th to 27th August 2017, at the Lando Equestrian Center in Ptakowice!


ardenlogoInfo... ARDEN is a family business specialising in the production of horse harnesses.
Centuries-old tradition and experience of contemporary drivers have allowed us to create an exceptional line of horse harnesses.
Our products combine highest quality materials, means of production, patience and joy of creation. 
Functionality, strength and elegance of our harnesses are qualities which we take particular care of. 

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 fei SCHEDULE is online!  VIDEO

May 2017

 gbr-> LINK  ger Toptermin für Zweispänner 2017... WM Generalprobe mit dem Championats-Parcoursbauer Gábor Fintha beim CAI Ptakowice, von 24.-27.August 2017 - einem neuen Hotspot auf der Fahrsport Weltkarte in Polen. Das Lando Equestrian Center ist der neue "Place2Be" für Fahrsport-, Dressur- und Springverantaltungen mit höchsten Standard in wunderschöner Umgebung. Das internationale Fahrturnier ist als CAI 3*** für Ein-, Zwei- und Vierspänner, sowie als CAI 2** für Pony Ein- und Zweispänner und als CAI 2** für die Fahrsportjugend ausgeschrieben.


Im Rahmen dieser Veranstaltungen werden auch die Polnischen Meisterschaften der Zweispänner stattfinden! Mehr Informationen in Kürze!

Website: Lando Equestrian Center



Top event for Pair Drivers 2017... WCH final rehearsal with the Championship Course Designer Gábor Fintha at CAI Ptakowice, August 24-27, 2017 -  the new hotspot on the Drivingsport worldmaps in Polen. VIDEO The Lando Equestrian Center is the new "Place2Be" for Driving, Dressage and Jumping events in the highest standard in beautiful surroundings.

This international Drivingcompetition is advertised as CAI 3*** for Singles, Pairs and Four in Hands, as well as CAI 2** for Pony Single and Pony Pairs and as CAI 2** for the Drivingsport Youth.


Within the framework of this event the Polish Championships for Pairs 2017 will take place. More information shortly!

Website: Lando Equestrian Center


FEI Course Designer Gábor Fintha, HUN @ Lando Equestrian Center