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ger -> LINK   gbr In the framework of the International Equestrian Congress - Horse in Sport 2017, held in Schlosshof, Austria, Mark Wentein was presented with a honour medal of the FEI by the Chairman of the FEI Driving Committee, Mr. Károly Fugli, for his contributions as member of the FEI Driving Committee from 2012 to 2016.

“Mark Wentein is a very important part of the entire international equestrian family. With his extensive experience in various facets – as an active athlete, in the role of a highly experienced FEI Official and as “The voice of driving sport” as multilingual speaker at great international show grounds all around the world, as well as journalist and in particularly as a Horseman, which shape the Driving sport ignificantly on the path to a successful future.

It is essential for the positive development of our sport to have a man with this great experience, engagement and enthusiasm for our sport.” concludes Mr. Fugli. "We are very pleased that Mark remains a friend of our sport and consultant to DC."

The award was presented at the Panel discussion, which included representatives of the international sport. Director of the FEI Driving Department Manuel Bandeiro de Mello, the Athletes' representatives FEI Driving Committee, Mr.Bartłomiej Kwiatek, as well as the FEI Course Directors in Austria 2017 - Dr.Wolfgang Asendorf, FEI Course Designer Level 4, Richard Nicoll, FEI Technical Delegate Level 4 and Dr.Marc Koene, FEI Veterinarian, DOKR Team Germany Veterinarian Dressage, have been present in addition to Mark Wentein and Károly Fugli.

Together with participants from 23 different nations, specified interesting topics of the international Drivingsport were taken into consideration and discussed.

It is a great honour and pleasure for the Organisation team of the International Equestrian Congress - Horse in Sport 2017 that this award was given as part of the event and we would like to join the congratulations!


Mark 3

FEI @ Horse in Sport 2017 - Richard Nicoll USA, Dr.Wolfgang Asendorf GER, Boyd Exell AUS, Manuel Bandeiro de Mello POR and Mark Wentein BEL

Photo AnnKathrin Drumm | hippoevent.at

Mark 2

Mark in Action @ Horse in Sport 2017

Photo AnnKathrin Drumm | hippoevent.at


Mark Wentein receives award from FEI Driving Committee - Mark Wentein & Chairman of the FEI Driving Committee, Mr. Károly Fugli

Photo Dalibor Prokeš | hippoevent.at


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