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RIANT @ CAIO Saumur FRA - Chester Weber had a fantastic ride in Saumur. He became second in the marathon and finished overall second in the competition. Stan van Eijk drove a clear round in the cones and won the 3* at the pairs.

Mieke van Tergouw looks back on a great weekend: "Chester and I are pleased with the results this weekend and are pleased with the Silver medal finish at the CAIO Saumur. This year our ultimate goal lies in Tryon this September and we feel the horses performance this weekend is evidence that we are continuing to develop on the right path.  Specifically in dressage the the relaxation and freedom have become confirmed as we continue to polish the details. On Saturday we were pleased with the 2nd place in the marathon and it is evident that the winter World Cup has added to the teams outdoor performance. Finally, today we tested a new combination in the cones with Amadeus in the lead and their potential may not be reflected in the clear performance over the time allowed."

And further: "The Greek had a wonderful weekend achieving his goal at becoming the 1st Greek pair driver to qualify for three star events with a pair. Stan the eventual 3* horse pair winner did a great job and his dressage pair continues to improve. Moreover, Claudio is pleased with the Greek and Stan’s progress and looks forward to their development."

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