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I am selling my 3 years old competition single-marathon carriage (used only in competitions) - the carriage is equipped with extra equipment and is in very good condition.


  • width: 128 cm
  • weight: 180 kg
  • Delayed (Slow motion) Steering.
  • Telescopic Stainless shaft
  • Turntable Brake - Disc brake system operating by foot pedal
  • Sports Turntable Bearing
  • Stainless Wheels (80 cm and 70 cm)
  • Stainless Side rail
  • NEW Rear Brakes with stainless discs
  • Seat adjustable forwards/backwards
  • Lateral padded groom area.

The carriage is in good condition - ready to competetions!

Price: 2 700 euro (negotiable)

Contact:  Marketa:  +420 737 614 282 (speaks: English and German)

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