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ger LINK  hun LINK  gbr Driving World Premiere of the Top Class... Eight of the world's best Four-in-Hand Drivers will participate in the X-BIONIC® DRIVING SUMMER TOUR, as part of the first Driving competition in Šamorín, Slovakia, on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th July, in the evening and on Sunday, July 28 at noon, will fill the audience  with enthusiasm in a super-fast contests.

In two CAI competitions, and an exciting show, at the first action marathon session (combined marathon) in this level, which is held in an open-air stadium, Driving superstars like the current #1 in the world, the multiple and reigning FEI World Champion, the  Australian Boyd Exell and FEI Team World Champion and US multi-champion Chester Weber.

The FEI World Cup™ Champion 2019 Bram Chardon and his father, the reigning FEI European Champion Ijsbrand Chardon, from the Netherlands, will fight for seconds and balls in Šamorín.

Glenn Geerts from Belgium, and the German Georg von Stein, multiple FEI Team medallists, as well as the FEI Team World Champions with the Hungarian Team - the FEI Top Driver 2018 József Dobrovitz and his son József Dobrovitz jun. complete the top-class starter field in the supreme discipline of the Driving sport.

The x-bionic® sphere was created by the successful businessman and endurance enthusiast Mario Hoffmann. The equestrian facilities of the Olympic Sports Centre were built to a high standard, in full compliance with FEI rules and regulations. The sprawling complex includes 680 permanent stables, directly connected connecting directly to the horse trucks parking and main arenas, a 1.6-km galloping track, and eight, oversized, indoor and outdoor arenas equipped with both sand and grass footing, complete the "Eldorado" of equestrian sports. 

For the first time in its history, the 2019 X-BIONIC® SUMMER TOUR, presented by Energochemica (16 July – 4 August 2019), will feature three, unique FEI disciplines: Show jumping, Four-in-Hand driving, and Endurance. From World- and European Champions to reigning FEI World Cup™ winners, the event will bring together prominent athletes from multiple sports for three, consecutive weeks of dynamic equestrian programming.

What a place for Driving ... be there when the top Drivers - Horses and Carriages will celebrate with top Driving sport their premiere.

The x-bionic® sphere in Šamorín (GOOGLE MAP), Slovakia, can be reached centrally via Bratislava, Vienna or Budapest. A great opportunity to experience World’s best Four-in-Hands live - the entrance is free on all days!

A great opportunity to experience World’s best Four-in-Hands live - the entrance is free on all days!




 Hundes - wir feiern unsere Hunde als treuen Begleiter, Freunde und als die besten Beifahrer 
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Früh übt sich... Jack Russell Junior Power!
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