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TIMETABLEger → LINK  gbr Horse in Sport 2019 offers on Sunday, March 3rd, in 2 Workshops, an exciting program for all those interested in equestrian sports - national as well as international officials, event organizers, riders and drivers, horse owners ... for all those who are interested in well-founded information from international experts, and the future-oriented advancement of modern equestrian sports.


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To meet with Horse People from all over the world, at an event in a top location, with as much future potential as the x-bionic® sphere, makes Horse in Sport one of the networking events of the year, and for all those interested in “Place to be”.
Horse in Sport will be held for the second time in 2019 at the x-bionic® sphere Resort in Šamorín, Slovakia, which was created with the idea of offering the best conditions for everyone.

Ideal for equestrian sports in all disciplines, and as part of this practical modules event, there is no better place to be found than the x-bionic® equestrian sphere - one of the largest and most modern equestrian centres in the world – a place where enthusiasm and excitement come together the true love of horses is felt.

Hello, Driving sport ...in 2019, the first international Driving competition will take place from 26 th to 28 th July in Šamorín during the popular x-bionic® Summer Tour. The best Four-in-Hand drivers in the world have already confirmed their participation.

The x-bionic® sphere in Šamorín can be reached centrally via Bratislava, Vienna or Budapest. The international airports - Vienna and Bratislava - offer pleasant arrival conditions from all over the world. 

Horse in Sport 2019: Workshops

Workshop 1

What to do if something happens?

Accident management…acting well in accidents and in crisis situations with horses during an equestrian event

Theoretical and practical demonstration & panel discussion

Nobody wants an accident. Nevertheless - accidents happen in connection with our sports partners, the horses. It can hit us all... being involved in an accident with a horse, during an equestrian competition.

Since every crisis situation requires a cool head, it helps to deal with the situation in advance.

How do we best deal with this - who is responsible for what - how do I help in a crises situation and how can I help a horse properly without endangering me?

Equestrian competition experts – national as well as international, event organisers, athletes and horse owners ... all of us should know what to do when an accident happens!

Program in detail

Modern – professional accident management

What to do if something happens?

Who should react how?

Who is allowed to react?

Rescue chain

FEI crisis situations plan

First aid with the horse

First aid

What must be available for optimal care of injured horses during a competition?

What can the veterinarian do at the competition site - during an international event?

How can you tell, what action needs to be taken, to provide an injured horse with the best possible care?

How to optimally prepare a horse to leave the competition field?

Rescue after an accident of a horse

What must be available for optimal rescue of injured horses during a competition?

Professional rescue of a horse, during an event - at the competition field

The picture to the outside - Proper behaviour towards the public and the media

Even in accidents, there are spectators!

Media work in the event of a crisis

Social Media... Facebook, Instagram & Co... Boon or Bane?

Problem “Bad Pictures”@ Social Media


Dr.Catharina Lange | FEI Veterinarian | Equine Sports Medicine Services

Richard Papens | FEI Technical Delegate | Member of the FEI Driving Committee

Dr.Christoph Peterbauer & Biscuit | Veterinarian | Animal Rescue Academy

Karin Mårlind Strauss | Event Organizer – Representative of the OC ECH Gothenburg 2017

Mark Wentein | Media Expert - Editor-in-chief of the magazine Hippo Revue / FEI Official /

   Speaker at big international events

In a concluding panel discussion, all participants are invited to ask questions, contribute ideas and discuss problem cases.


Workshop 2

Bring the sport to the people!

The success @ Longines FEI European Championships Gothenburg 2017 - is this the future of Equestrian events?

Driving @ Longines FEI European Championships Gothenburg, Sweden, 2017

Euro Champs Gothenburg Longinesweb“At Horse in Sport 2019, I will give you an inspiring presentation of my journey of being responsible for the Driving at this amazing event”, says Karin Mårlind Strauss, Representative of the OC ECH Gothenburg.

The Driving competition of the Longines FEI European Championships 2017 took place in the middle of the City of Gothenburg in Sweden. This urban venue made this equestrian competition so unique. It reached a new level, both for the drivers and for the audience.

The chosen location for the Dressage and Cones Driving was a built-up arena, the Heden Arena, at the heart of the city centre.

The Marathon was a spectacle in front of thousands of enthusiastic spectators.

The first section was a city street route and finally the marathon action – in 8 obstacles on the grounds of the Slottsskogen City Park.

The planning of the event was meticulous in every detail and the organization well prepared.

It was a huge project and hard work, but it turned out to be a big success in many ways - it was a milestone in the Driving sport. When will we see Driving in the city centre again?

What had been done backstage, this and much more you can find out when attending the Sport Horse Congress 2019.

Program in detail

Why were the 2017 FEI Longines European Championships in Gothenburg a success for Driving?

What was the idea behind this project, how did the planning and organization work?

What can we learn, improve and build on for the future?

The importance of this European Championship for the development of the Driving sport


Karin Mårlind Strauss | Event Organizer – Representative of the OC ECH Gothenburg 2017

Károly Fugli, Chairman of the FEI Driving Committee



We are pleased to welcome You @ International Equestrian Congress - Horse in Sport 2019.


HIS19workshop full.jpgHorse in Sport 2019 Workshops


Šamorín, Slovakia

Sunday, 3rd of March 2019, 10 am – 4 pm

The workshop registration fee is 25.- €uro

Participation only after prior registration until February 20th, 2019

The program in detail, all information, as well as the registration forms, are available in the HIS-Online-Event-Centre → LINK


We invite you to Horse in Sport 2019 and look forward to welcoming you personally.

If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know →  OC CONTACT

This event is recognized by several Federations and Associations as continuing education, please contact the relevant departments.





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