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Vote for Chester Weber! Closing out a stellar 2018 year with an Individual Silver and historic Team Gold medal at the World Equestrian Games, Chester Weber has been nominated for the year-end US Equestrian honors. One of nine 2018 Equestrians of Honor, Weber is a contender for the title of 2018 Equestrian of the Year and needs your support! Winners are determined based on online voting, so make sure to cast your ballot online before Thursday, January 3 at midnight!


“My nomination for this award is confirmation of all the hard work my team and my horses have dedicated to the sport of combined driving. Without all of them, I would not be in the running for equestrian of the year. So voting for me is really voting for my team of hard working people and the most amazing horses. There is an exceptionally deep emotional connection needed for a combined driving team to succeed. With four horses and so much equipment there is a large potential for something to be off.  When we were able to help secure the team gold medal for the USA at the World Equestrian Games this September, we knew that our win was far larger than my efforts alone. It was a great team success.”

In 2018, Chester Weber’s impressive driving career was further solidified in the history books as he and his team of four-in-hand horses contributed to the U.S. Driving Team’s first-ever gold medal at the FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon 2018.

Representing his country for the fifth time at a WEG, Weber also added a second consecutive individual silver medal to his repertoire.

Prior to the WEG, Weber and his horses scored five wins at Palm Tree CDE, Live Oak International, the WEG Driving Test Event, Riesenbeck International, and CAI Beekbergen, along with a top-10 finish at the World Equestrian Festival CHIO Aachen.

Weber is a four-time FEI World Driving Championships for Four-in-Hand competitor, earning the individual silver and team bronze in Riesenbeck in 2012 and the individual silver in Beesd in 2008. He has collected 15 USEF Four-in-Hand Horse Combined Driving National Championships over the years, as well as two USEF Pair Horse Combined Driving National Championships. Weber’s national and international success, as well as his commitment, have brought excitement and inspiration to the sport of combined driving.

For more information, please visit www.chesterweber.com

Go to: www.usef.org/awards





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