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ger→ LINK   Horse in Sport ... 2019 according to the motto “Moving forward”

The basic idea behind the annual International Equestrian Congress . Horse in Sport is to bring together people with passion for horses. In 2019 Horse in Sport is a crossover of equestrian sport - breeding and successful institutions that focus on horses and inspire hundred thousands of spectators every year with these wonderful animals.

On the first weekend of March 2019 Hippoevent organizes this international event at the x-bionic® sphere Resort in Šamorín, Slovakia.

Workshops, FEI courses & more...

With an exciting selection of lectures and practical demonstrations in the Open Workshops, as well as official FEI courses for international Judges, Course Designers, Technical Delegates and Driving Stewards, Horse in Sport will be a symbiosis of various stakeholders… Equestrian athletes, Organizers, FEI Officials who shape the sport, as well as Breeders, Horse Fans, Media representatives, Sports marketing experts and more.

Getting together interesting information and insights, experiencing news, as well as discussions and talks with input from different perspectives lead to this, which should enable all participants to take home positive impulses for their individual roles in dealing with horses.

3 Main topics at the Open Workshops, on Saturday and Sunday, in numerous lectures and practical demonstrations:

Equestrian & more - how do we bring horses to the people?

How to make our sport more popular - more spectators - more media - more sponsors to inspire? As examples, successful events with Horses will be presented, and a closer look to the FEI World Cup™ Driving Series…

Accident management - acting well in crisis situations at events

What should be done if something happens? Theory and practical presentations for professional handling in crisis situations…

Driving sport – the diversity of breeds - offspring in focus

Driving is the only discipline where different horse breeds and -types are active - but for how long? The example Lipizzaner in driving sport, and is the WCH of the Young Driving Horses a big chance of receiving?

A detailed list of lectures can be found here → LINK

To meet with Horse People from all over the world, at an event in a top location, with as much future potential as the x-bionic® sphere, makes Horse in Sport one of the networking events of the year, and for all those interested in “Place to be”.

Horse in Sport will be held for the second time in 2019 at the x-bionic® sphere Resort in Šamorín, Slovakia, which was created with the idea of ​​offering the best conditions for everyone. And these are guaranteed in the modern Congress Centre, the exclusive Hotel, the various restaurants and coffee bars, all compactly accessible with just a few steps.

Ideal for equestrian sports in all disciplines, and as part of this practical modules event, there is no better place to be found than the x-bionic® equestrian sphere - one of the largest and most modern equestrian centres in the world – a place where enthusiasm and excitement come together the true love of horses is felt.

Hello, Driving sport ...in 2019, the first international Driving competition will take place from 26 th to 28 th July in Šamorín during the popular x-bionic® Summer Tour. The best Four-in-Hand drivers in the world have already confirmed their participation.

The x-bionic® sphere in Šamorín can be reached centrally via Bratislava, Vienna or Budapest. The international airports - Vienna and Bratislava - offer pleasant arrival conditions from all over the world. For the congress participants a shuttle service is available.


The program in detail, all information as well as the registration forms are available in the HIS-Online-Event-Centre → LINK

This event is recognized by several Federations and Associations as continuing education - please contact the relevant departments.


We are pleased to welcome You @ International Equestrian Congress - Horse in Sport 2019.


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