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ger LINK | After the Driving season is before the driving season! The CAI Karlstetten AUT ... a professional  and compact start to the competition season 2019 ... THE Season Opening 2019 on the 27th and 28th of April.

On April 27th & 28th, 2019, a CAI 2 ** for Single, Pairs and Four in Hand - Pony and Horses - will take place on the beautiful driving sport venue in Lower Austria.

Already in the planning of the international and national Driving competition, attention is paid to optimizing the event for a good start to the “green season” 2019. The compact 2-day timetable - in which double starts are still possible - the selection of FEI Officials, as well as the course design are designed to give the horses, ponies and athletes a motivating start, and the best possible preparation for the challenges of sports activities in Driving is guaranteed in 2019.

Karlstetten is centrally located in Austria, easily accessible via the A1 motorway, and the beautiful compact driving arena, on which the World Championships of Pony Drivers were held, offers really optimal conditions for Driving.

In order to facilitate the preparations for the dedicated organizers of the  Reit- und Fahrvereins Karlstetten, and to have a starting place for sure, it is already possible to pre-book participation places at theOC. Please send an email (stating the number of desired starting places in which categories - Horse or Pony - Single, Pairs or Four in Hand) to  → MAIL

For the best Dressage of the CAI competitions (with the lowest penalty points) as well as for the fastest time in the big water obstacle - CAI or CAN - special prizes will be awarded - and also the most beautiful Driving photo of the CAI / CAN Karlstetten will be awarded.

In addition to the good - friendly and cozy - atmosphere, the Austrian hospitality and the exciting driving, will take place in 2019, on the traditional driving sports facility in Rosenthal, an interesting driving event. The first recommendations for the season highlights, presentation and test of the successful training in the winter and spring months ... that's a lot to see for all Driving fans.

All information from CAI / CAN Karlstetten on Hippoevent.

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