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ger LINK |  The international driving competition in Beekbergen is held in June next year. In the evaluation of the organizing committee emerged the preference for another period in the season, also looking at the planned competitions in 2019. The new date is: 26 to 30 June 2019. 'It was quite a puzzle,’ says organizer Mieke van Tergouw. 'But this date fits nicely in the competitions calendar and it suits the wishes of our sponsors.'

Already 35 years the international driving competition in Beekbergen takes place in the summer holiday period. That's always been a conscious choice, because many people take the opportunity to visit the event in that period. Also for tourists who stay on the Veluwe it is a chance to see horses in the driving sport, and have a day out with the whole family. But the organization believes that for the driving sport itself profits can be gained.


'We have had more public than last year, but we had fewer participants than in 2017. That is why we have thoughtfully looked at the calendar for 2019,’ says Van Tergouw. The competition in Beekbergen is custom made for the horse pairs and four-in-hands. It is unfortunate for the sport as competition dates bother each other. That happens when data from the major competitions are close together and drivers have to make choices. The last weekend of June fits nicely into the 2019 calendar.


And there is another reason to have the event before the summer holiday season. 'For our sponsors CAI Beekbergen is an ideal opportunity to network. They like the event to take place before everybody goes on holiday,’ tells Van Tergouw. Many relationships of the sponsors are on holiday in August. With the new date, the organization wants to help their sponsors to make optimal use of the event as a possibility for relationship marketing.


The international contest in Beekbergen is the driving competion with the greatest amount of public in the Netherlands. The Veluwe has a lot of tourism in the weekends, so many 'day trippers' will visit CAI Beekbergen in 2019. Mieke van Tergouw concludes: 'We have a loyal audience and I am convinced that they will visit our event at the end of June.'

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