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VIDEOS #HippoeventDrivingChallenge

ger LINK | gbr   The last two tasks of the # HippoeventDrivingChallenge # HippoeventDrivingChallenge 2020 ... now you have time until the end of the #HippoeventDrivingChallenge on August 3rd to do your challenges - and make simple videos of them, or photos, and send them to Hippoevent, to take part in the online challenge.

Important info: The teams can be chosen freely ... the driver must remain the same - the grooms can be changed for the individual challenges - but team members remain in the ranking :-)

22.Juli #HippoeventDrivingChallenge...CHALLENGE 4 “SixBar Driving“

“SixBar Driving“ & Look - calculate - guess?"

This time we start with Challenge B:

crossCHALLENGE B – the look, calculate & guess question

Look, calculate & guess question?  Which result is the right solution? 

HDC 4B2 web b

 Look, calculate & guess question?  Which result is the right solution?

crossCHALLENGE 4 – “SixBar Driving“ 

At Challenge 4 of the #HippoeventDrivingChallenge 2020 we are giving you a task that is adapted to the final cones driving at the competitions. This time, we took inspiration from the jumping sport. SixBar Jumping - is about the riders having to overcome a series of jumps. The height is increased with each obstacle.

Building for the #HippoeventDrivingChallenge 3A - the "SixBar-Driving-Obstacle":

With “SixBar Driving” we put 6 cone pairs in a row - each at a parallel distance of 2 meters on a straight line.

Starting with a distance of track width +80cm. The distance between the cones is reduced 10cm from pair of cones to pair of cones. pdfDRAWING "SixBar-Driving-Obstacle"

= Pair of cones 1: track width + 80cm | Cone pair 2: track width + 70cm | Cone pair 3: track width + 60cm | Cone pair 4: track width + 50cm | Cone pair 5: track width + 40cm | Cone pair 6: track width + 30cm :-)

Procedure of the #HippoeventDrivingChallenge 4A:

The team drives over the start line and passes the "SixBar Driving Obstacle" - drives around the turning point - and drives the "SixBar Driving Obstacle" from the other side, starting with the narrowest pair of cones.

Now the groom (s) is used again. On the return trip, as many balls as possible - from the carriage - should be picked from the cones, and collected in a bucket on the carriage ... and back over the finish line :-)

HDC 4 A eng

HDC 4A Barriere Hindernis

cross Here we go ...

REGISTRATION: Please send your team name to register for #HippoeventDrivingChallenge 2020 via MAIL  |  Facebook Messenger  |  WhatsApp

This registration is necessary for the ranking and the awarding - after the 4 challenges! If you want to do a task "out of competition - just for fun" ... just go ... just upload it to Facebook - we are happy about the tag #HippoeventDrivingChallenge 


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