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olympia2Die beste Berichterstattung über die Reitbewerbe bei den Olympischen Spielen 2021 in Tokio...

St.Georg - „Olympia 2020“ – Sommer 2021


 hun ger gbr Hungary is ready in August 2021… to host a great European Equestrian Festival - Driving, Jumping, Dressage, Vaulting and Paradressage – in the middle of the beautiful Hungarian capital of Budapest. A top project for the FEI European Championships in these equestrian disciplines has been submitted to the FEI as an official host application.

"Bring sport to people" ... that is the goal of the dedicated - very experienced and professional - organizational team.

See for yourself ... a modern mega sports event was developed:



Lots of information more in an interview on Hippoevent soon!


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