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MARATHON by Gábor Fintha

CONES by Gábor Fintha

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Day 2

Great achievement by Gergő Rákóczi! Gergő Rákóczi is still is a fantastic form! The Champion of Mezőhegyes 2018 wins teh dressage event is horse paires. The athlete from Romania drives two Lipizzaner horses and gets the best results: 45.93! The only result under 50 points! The World-Silver medallist Hungarian Károly Hódi finishes on the 2nd place with 51.15, while László Penzer gets the 3rd position (52.13). Altogether 24 dirvers participated in horse pair dressage in Mélykút, Hungary. In horse four-in-hand Lajos Móró is the best driver. He finished on the 3rd place one month ago in Mezőhegyes. Now, in Mélykút, Móró performs a 51.54 points dressage programme. The second is Ferenc Galbács (62.45), the third Attila Bárdos (66.39).

Day 1

Sunny start in Mélykút The second International Horsedriving Competition held in Mélykút, Hungary has started on Thursday. On the first day of dressage was organized in the beautiful arena. In horse single David Hötsch from Austria finihed on the first place with Emiliano 47.74 points! The driver from Austria got the second place as well, with other horse, El Diva (49.96). Great debut! The third position went to the Hungarian József Farkas with 51.03 points. In the national competiton Zsolt Farkas Jr. finished on the first position with 51.73 points (horse pairs, dressage). In pony pairs Evelin Balla was the only competitor, she received 68.35 points. The best driver in the children's category was Péter Juhász with 62.79 points (pony single). Regarding the juniors, Anna Majoros occupied the first place in dressage with 54.90 (pony single). In the young drivers category Dávid Palkovics was the best competitior with 57.73 points (pony single).


Nyúl, Matuska, Galbács – the winners of Saturday - Katalin Nyúl, the champion of Mélykút 2017, win the marathon driving event in horse single, on Saturday, ont the penultimate day of the 2nd International Horsedriving Competition held in Mélykút, Hungary. Katalin Nyúl and Ziezo produce 91.78 points. David Hötsch, the best in dressage with Emiliano, finish on the second place with 97.42. The driver from Austria gets the 3rd position with his other horse, El Diva (97.72). Katalin Nyúl is leading in overall (A+B) in front of Hötsch.

In horse pair Miroslav Matuska is the best athlete. The competition from Slovakia received 91.48 points. Gábor Veszelszki Jr. from Hungary occupies the 2nd (91.87), while Norbert Kákonyi gets the 3rd position (92.26). Gergő Rákóczi is still ont he first place before cones driving.
In horse four-in-hand Ferenc Galbács is the fastest with 112.98. The dressage-winner Lajos Móró finishes second (116.61), Attila Bárdos is the third (129.21). After A+B Lajos Móró is leading in the children’s category, Péter Juhász, at the juniors Timea Rozmán, at the young drivers Dávid Palkovics is the fastest.