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2 Job Offers - Haras de la Pourcaud / Team Benjamin Aillaud FRA - Haras de la Pourcaud is looking for 2 persons who will contribute to the effectiveness of the team willing to perform with the French team at Tryon WEG 2018 and in the future championships

  • Stable manager. He/she will be in charge of taking care of horses from the haras during the year. He/she must be a reliable person able to work in a team most of the year but also independently when most of the team is out during competitions. Experience in this function and organizational/logistic skills are required.
  • Driving experience is not compulsory.
  • Groom. He/she will assist our driver and our current groom of the team in the daily training and caring of our horses and equipments. She/he will travel with the team for the competitions. Driving experience is preferable but not compulsory.

​Both must be able to give the highest standard of equine care and show commitment, ​relationship and ​equestrian skills.

Ideal candidates would have experience at being involved in stable competing at FEI level.

Overview of the Haras de la Pourcaud 

  • 24130 ​Monfaucon, France
  • ​Human team of 6 persons 
  • Owners : Eric Bouwman & Arjan Hiddingh
  • Equine & sport manager : Benjamin Aillaud
  • 30 horses including +/- 15 under training program. 

Mainly arabo friesans horses

  • +/- 15 weeks of competition/year
  • ​Language of the team : english and french

​Reaction by sending CV and preferably also motivation letter to : info@lapourcaud.fr

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